Monday, February 09, 2015

SCENTSATION Valentine Galore & Launch of YSL, Lancome

Beauty aficionados rejoice! Scentsation has stepped-up to it's name and now launched two acclaimed international beauty brands namely, YSL and Lancome in Pakistan. Scentsation is a luxury retail hub which has long served women providing top-notch beauty and fragrances of houses long loved all over the world. 

Few beauty bloggers, including myself, were invited by their business development head to sample and play with some products ourselves *add squeals*. Ranging from as low as PKR 2,000 to as high as PKR 8,000, a vast range of beauty and skincare from the two brands is available to be shopped. 

All of us blogger girls toured the whole outlet and tried our favorite shades. Needless, to say we all fell in love with not only the color but also the formula. But what we all were visibly most excited about was that these fantastic products are now easily available at the shop and that we no longer have to wait for almost two-month long duration of the shipment of our orders. Scentsation has now taken care of all the hassle.

Along with the introduction of YSL and Lancome, bloggers were briefed by the business development head about the celebration plans of up-coming Valentine's Day. Scentsation, this year, came up with a more personalized feel for the day by giving their valued customers the choice of customizing different stuff with their beloved's pictures, names and messages on t-shirts, notebooks, mugs and perfume bottles, Customers will be able to get the pictures and messages printed on the merchandise then and there. How thoughtful is that?! 

After the end of the presentation, bloggers were handed out special goody-bags made for the event with Valentine quote. The inside of the bag contained some highly desirable products (I'm a VERY happy girl!) from notebook to tote-bag and from a gorgeous beauty train-box to perfume samples. The attending bloggers were also given personalized mugs with the respective bloggers' picture printed on the magic-mug (pictured above). After all the chatting and whole lots of selfies, the Scentsation team took the bloggers to a scrumptious dinner at GunSmoke marking an end to a great night out.

*The Valentine's promotion 2015 is still going on at Scentsation outlet. Snag up on the personalized goodies and give the kiosks a sneak! 
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Friday, November 21, 2014


Micheal Kors on Daraz
Hello everyone, as you all must have seen I am not much of a press release person. This is the first press release that I am actually publishing on my blog. But when the news is this big who can resist sharing? I know I can't. So without building up suspense, here it goes. One of the biggest Pakistani online shopping portal Daraz has partnered with three leading fashion houses of the world namely, Micheal Kors, Burberry and Armani. How absolutely great is that?! And not just these there are more international brands in the line-up. I am absolutely psyched. This is the very first authentic distribution partnership of these luxury brands in the country. 
Read the full press release down below.

Press Release: 


Fashion enthusiasts can now get their favorite luxury watches right at their doorstep.

[Karachi, November 21st, 2014] has announced a partnership with Michael Kors, Burberry and Armani which will see these popular international luxury brands distribute in Pakistan through the online shopping website. Launching on, this will be the first time these brands will have an exclusive brand page for customers to purchase their favorite luxury watches online in Pakistan.
The addition of Burberry, Armani and Michael Kors comes as continues to build on its already extensive offering of international fashion and electronics brands, alongside its eclectic assortment of local labels. Other luxury brands to come on board are Rado, Raymond Weil, DKNY, Diesel, Fossil and Marc Jacobs.’s firm foothold in Pakistan’s e-commerce sector, with over 1.7 million visitors each month, means that these brands will launch to an already greatly established customer base who are looking to make purchases online. Pakistani men and women are some of the most stylish and well-traveled people in the world and with the help of iconic luxury brands such as these, wants to cater to their needs and offer them a glamorous and sophisticated shopping experience. is the leading e-commerce portal in the country and having such well-loved and aspirational luxury brands such as Michael Kors, Armani, Burberry, DKNY etc. come on board is great indication of how traditional retailers can partner with e-commerce websites to introduce their brand into new developing markets and enhance consumer experience by fusing online and offline retail,” said Farees Shah, co-founder

With a keen eye on the latest fashion trends, offers a wide assortment of fashion and lifestyle brands. Each international luxury brand will have its own shop-in-shop on With’s efficient delivery, free returns and multiple payment method, customers will be able to get their desired luxury timepieces whenever, wherever.

So, are you all excited enough? I know I am!
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Saturday, November 01, 2014


Empties 02 Products

Writing empties post has to be one of the greatest thing a blogger does. Especially beauty bloggers. To use up every last drop of the product tends to happen sometimes as we generally tend to stock up or move to the next. So hitting pans and emptying bottles are accomplishments.
These past dull, hectic, non-make-upy months meant less product usage. And more shopping meant shopping around different products more. So, these empties are only a few. But oh well. Empties 02 includes:

Dove Go-Fresh Cool Essentials Cucumber and Green-Tea Scent:
A very well used product obviously has to be a deodorant. And so it is. As the names says this one is a 'cooling' kind of a deodorant. The green-tea and cucumber makes fresh and energizing to an extent. I absolutely loved the smell. This one is antiperspirant and according to the company has the staying power of up-to 48-hours, which honestly never tested. (Can't live without for a day!) Will I buy this again? Heck yes.

Sunsilk Co-Creations Stunning Black Shine Shampoo by Jamal Hammadi:
Sunsilk products work great for my hair. And for my already silky strands, this black shine was just an added compliment. The Amla-Pearl Complex formula used makes hair so soft and shiny that will make you drool, no kidding. Though these days I need something for damaged and 'I-don't-really-know-what-happened-to-my-hair' but on a later date this one is definitely making on the bill.

Saeed Ghani's Nature Sandal Face-Pack:
Well the detail review of this products has been sitting in my drafts for months now. I have no idea why I never got around to publishing it. This is a 'blob' of Sandal (like a paste in hard disk form) and you use it with rose-water. It acts like a sunblock, removes premature wrinkles and aging lines, gives you fair complexion and ohmyGod what not. BUYING THIS AGAIN AND AGAIN.

B.O.B Mascara Waterproof Formula:
I guess this is the first mascara I bought from my own money. I have honestly never heard of this brand, never from other and never different products. One fine day this one local shop-keeper recommended it to me and I bought it. It had all the right words, waterproof, long-lasting, easy-to-do, curling. What else does a girl need? I have to mention though, that it did clump my lashes which was a bummer. Also, for an impatient like me it dried a little too late. But I still use this. YES I KNOW IT"S EMPTY. I use an empty mascara! Will I buy this again? I want to try others out.

Karaja Lipstick Matte Shade 61:
I have already raved about this lipstick and mentioned it in few posts earlier. So I am not gonna start again. Its been loved. Definitely hunting it down.

Hope you enjoyed reading and got some product inspiration yourself. I have tried to remember to write down all the points about the products used. If you would like more in-depth post regarding any of the above mentioned products just let me know!

What have you been using up? Do share your empties down below! 
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