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A few days back I was contacted by Atiqua from Platinum.pk asking if I was interested in reviewing the website, honestly of-course, for them and the experience in shopping with them. As online shopping is still in it's early stages here in the country I was very excited at the opportunity and immediately jumped at the given chance.
It also reminded me of the website review I did back when I first started blogging and how it was shown love to and so decided on a new section called Web&App for the blog where I will review websites and applications for you fancies. (Hope you enjoy)
I was very kindly offered a voucher to have a shopping experience on the website and they were quick to provide me with one. Visiting their website I was immediately surprised to see all the renowned brands stocked which are not easily available in the country. Next was the price tags. The bags weren't too expensive and given the international brands that they are I was more than satisfied at the range that was on offer.
The one thing I did not know beforehand was that Platinum is only a Bags and Wallet store. But given the obsessive maniac I am it was only heaven for me. Although the site has a variety of brand names, there weren't much bags in themselves to choose from. I was the stocks were huge. But to tell you the truth even then I spend a good two or more hours on the website drooling over each and every beauty.

Coming on to the technical parts of the web design and user interface, I do think it needs quite a bit of work. Finding things was a bit difficult for me. I'd like to see more user-friendly features introduced. Also, a sign that says that all products are infact original. This is one of the biggest fears for anyone shopping international products online.
As for the services provided, I placed my order at 21:15 which is quite late in the day I reckon yet they were quick to confirm my order and I received corresponding email within 10 minutes! My order was at my doorsteps the very next day which was amazing to see. Damage-free and neatly packaged box made my entire valentine!
My Order is Here.
All in all I was quite delighted at the experience I had with platinum.pk and also grateful at the opportunity. I have discovered one stop shop for bag shopping. Here is to hoping for more products. The service is amazing and Atiqua has been great and easy providing any assistance required.
To see what I ordered and my review on the actual bag, keep your eyes peeled for my next post!
Do visit them at: www.platinum.pk
Facebook: PlatinumStore
Twitter: Platinumbags
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New Year 2014 Beauty Resolutions

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Edited by me.

Happy New Year everyone! It has surely been way too long since I wrote anything here. I wouldn't even get into the reasoning but I do apologize. I am not generally someone who makes resolutions or stick to however little they may be (mostly I make one up when asked, eh). But this year I have a few things that I want to get a hang of. Some of them are beauty related of course, so here goes:
  1. Have a routine: I am someone who has never really gotten around to a routine. I do things for a few days before procrastination would kick in. I really want to develop a good skincare routine especially which brings us to...
  2. Try a range of skincare products: This is a neglected area of my being. I don't do much when it comes to try a range of products which will help me achieve a pulpy glowy skin.
  3. Drink more water: I am guilty of second to none water intake! I have to increase it to at-least 8 glasses a day. I stand at one at the moment, excuse.
  4. Wear more makeup: Yes, I don't. I wear makeup on occasions and my style has been nude face for too long. I think it is time I tried wearing more shades and went a little bolder with my choices.
  5. Invest: I want to invest in good pieces of makeup and tools. Long-lasting and staple products to add in my stash.
These will be a few things I'll be keeping a check on this year, well at-least I hope to. Let me know what are yours!

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Atiqa Odho Blush in Pink Pigeon

Hello there! 
I received this blush in the last Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community Secret Swap activity, about which you can read here. I have been dipping my blush brush in this product for far too long and thought it was time for a review.
I have not tried any products from the brand 'Atiqa Odho', by the celebrity of the same name. So naturally, very excited I have used it alternatively when I have light blush flush on my cheeks. 

Shade: Pink Pigeon
(Sorry for the quality, I had to distort the light so the label was clearer). 

Let's start with the first thing ad that is packaging. I am not a fan of it. By looking at it I will not pick it up. I do like how it is very compact and will fit in the corner of a clutch-bag when I am out. But it is the quality of the 'box' the product comes in. A weird thing to be put off by, I would have liked a better material for it and also some sort of plastic maybe in the cut out area of the packaging. Maybe I am being too picky-choosy and mean but again that's how I would have preferred it, if you can relate.

The pot is small, I like it. It opens from two sides. The top has the product and down lid has a mirror attached to it (very handy!) and a section to hold a tiny brush. This is where I had it. Loved the whole idea and was impressed! But to my utter despair and shock, the brush was missing! Fail. Nothing more to say.

Talking of the actual product itself, as you can see in the picture, the blush is light dusty-pink colored. It is perfect to add a little color on your skin without being too over the top. It can be built-up according to one's liking. Under this light pink dust is a strong color though.

I find that the product stays on for quite a long time and is nicely pigmented. On my skin it does not at all feel too powdery and so I reach it often in the summer time. Also during the course of hours it does not tend to fade away unevenly which is always a good thing. However, that might not be the case with everyone given the difference of skin types. I will suggest a stroke of mattefying powder over just in case, then.

Surely the product in itself has delivered above my expectations of it and I am quite happy to have it in my stash. The packaging can be worked on and improved and the brush? Well, include it when you mention so (extremely disappointed!)!

Have you ever tried any product from the line?

Empties 01

Hello there.
Today we have a very first empties over A Girls Fancies. Yaaay! Feels proud to actually have used all products. Haha, well, used and saved bottles of. I have always loved watching such videos on Youtube and reading posts by some of my very favorite bloggers.
These products are mostly skincare, spritz kind, none makeup. A few of those are coming to an end soon though so might be included in the next empties!
Products I have used up are:

  • Sunsilk Dream Soft & Smooth Conditioner: Honestly I am someone who doesn't need a lot of conditioning. I am blessed in that area, really. So a little goes a long long way and just about any conditioner works like a charm! 
  • SEN Liquid Hand-wash in Dewberry: A little 'eh' on this one. Love the scent, absolutely, but feels sticky at times. Oh and that feeling like you are going to drop something out of your hands? Yeah that too!
  • Vaseline Aloe Fresh Protection Spray: Good on skin and really does feels fresh! Perfect for everyday use.
  • Dancing Waters Body Splash: This has been my go-top product for summers as I don't like to wear heavy scents everyday.
  • Johnson's Body Care 24-hour Moisture Extra Rich Body Wash: Extremely Rich as the product says, slap it on and you will feel like a baby!
  • Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer: Oil free had me going about this product. I do like it but I am not so sure what it did for blemishes, eh. 
  • Mistine White Spa Whitening Facial Foam: (Full review coming soon!) 
  • ModGirl Nail Polish Remover: Well it's just like your regular nail polish remover. I have gone over bottles of this product over the years!
These are all the products I have been putting on my skin and hair along with others which are yet to hit pans! Some I shall buy again as for others I'd like to venture out into different products available on the market I have been reading and gasping about for quite a while now. So be sure to keep checking back what I next haul! 
If you would like me to review any other mentioned product, do let me know!
As for now I shall go and prepare lists of everything I need to replace these for ;)

Ramadan Kareem to all of you! Happy fasting and remember me in your prayers! =D

What have you been using and loving recently?

Haul: TRESemme, Nivea, Boots and Rimmel

Hello there!
Back again with a haul! As I have mentioned in earlier post that I am re-doing my room, I went to pick up a few things from a local store for decoration of sorts. And while in store how could I have resist indulging in a few pleasures? But I have to say I did resist to buy a few things, which I'll grab the next time around. ;)
For this trip I fed the shopping 'pretty' monster with:

  1. TRESemme Shampoo and Conditioner in Healthy Volume.
  2. Nivea Fitness Fresh Body Wash (although bought for my brother, I do  intend to use it).
  3. Boots Mediterranean Mint and Sugar Body Scrub.
  4. Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 001 Transparent.
  5. Wooden Hanger Set - 2.
  6. Twix Miniature Pack - I need to munch on something!

All of these products were bought from Imtiaz Super Store located in Nazimabad.

What have you been indulging this summer?