Friday, August 14, 2015

Beauty | Review: Sleek Blush In Flamingo

Sleek MakeUp blush in Flamingo
Shade: Flamingo (Normal light without use of camera flash).
Shade: Flamingo
Ingredients & Usage up-to.

Without tampering under normal light. 
Swatch. (Under normal light without the use of flash)

Sleek Makeup Blush in Flamingo is a highly enriched and vibrant pink shade from an exceptionally well known brand for any make-up lover which, in my opinion, needs no introduction. This review has been a long time coming and I just saw this in my long stash of drafts and decided to resurrect it from the dead. So, without further ado, here we go:

Flamingo, as the name suggests, is a bright pink colored blush with high pigmentation and thus only requires the tiniest amount of product on the brush. Blushes, in my opinion, should always be built from less to more to the amount you would want. I absolutely love the staying power and definitely each out for this product for when I want a subtle yet highly visible blush look. Given that I am not much of a dark eye person this goes extremely well paired with natural eyes. Even though at first glance the color seems a bit intimidating, it really is blendable so that I don't end up looking like a circus clown.

The thing about Sleek Makeup that I enjoy the most is the packaging. Seems high-end, is really sturdy and matte black which is all win but to sweeten the whole thing is the big bad mirror attached to the product, so travel friendly. It is safe to say I always keep it in my bag. With that, what's not to love?

I hope reading this you'll get going to your beauty stash, take this cult product of yesteryear out and enjoy it again. Sounds like I am advertising, haha, but I just really like it.

What were your other cult blushes over the years and did you enjoy this one? Let me know! 
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Sunday, June 14, 2015


Capri Soap - *PR Sample

2 new Aloe-Nurture Moisturizing bars

Contents of Goody Bag

One fine day, a parcel reached my doorstep. You know those when you wake up and you have a mail waiting for you and you do that little dance of joy? I am sure you all have experienced that sheer excitement. What did it contain? Capri's latest Aloe-Nurture moisturizing soaps!

This all natural soap ensures that no chemicals go onto your skin and only organic ingredients are in play. This moisturizing bar has honey and milk protein in it which helps make you skin silky smooth. I have to say, it really does feel like silky smooth due to the milk proteins in it as it claims, so 10 points for that! Also, what I love about this soap is the smell of it. Before I actually started using it, it was sitting under my desk for a while (after I had pictured it, so one was open), my room smelled amazing. Every time I sat on my laptop or for studying, it refreshed me with the smell of honey in it.

We constantly are using many chemical products on ourselves, quite a few times daily on our skin, so it is a welcome to add something natural in the routine. Capri is focusing with this new launch on the natural beauty factor and really who wouldn't like to be just that? Though personally I do not use soap on my face, so I did not venture into that but did use it on my hands and body to see how it performs. But I think it is  worth trying out for those of you who do so.

The package was just too beautifully wrapped (see pictures on my Instagram)  and also included apart from two soap bar a beautiful soap box, a pack of 10 tealight candles and a SweetTouch nail polish in Yellow.

This product is available in the market at PKR 42.00 plus GST with a net weight of 115g. Here is to confidence of our natural beauty!

Have you tried this product or any other from Capri? Do let me know how you found it to be?

*The product was a PR Sample and part of a care package but in no way did influence the review and is only the honest review of the product. Read full disclosure. 

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Winners PAS Awards '15
5th PAS Awards 2015

For those of you who do not know what PAS Awards are they are an award centered around advertising and marketing best from the country. As the acronym suggests in itself, Pakistan Advertisers Society came up with this platform and highlighting the innovate work done by companies or media agencies alike. 

Now if you are wondering is why am I sharing this with you, it is because it's these advertisers that create these spectacular advertisements that instill the desire in our ever so searching souls to buy the best products on offer. Recently, the 5th PAS Awards were held in Karachi as an ode to these very brilliant minds.

This year, apart from the regular 21 regular categories, Pakistan Advertisers’ Society introduced 5 special categories namely Passion for Pakistan, Best in Digital, Media Innovation, Best BTL Activation and Best Platform Award that will honor the most innovative marketing ideas.

The master of the ceremony for the award ceremony was actor and radio presenter Khalid Malik, while the show featured entertaining performances by Fusion, Rachael Viccaji, Zia Mohyuddin, Bushra Ansari, Jawad Ahmed and Sara Raza. Needless to say, the award night was quite a star studded affair. A total of 68 brands and agencies from all over Pakistan were shortlisted by the jury prior and were in the running to win the PAS Awards 2015. 

Let's see a few (relevant) categories and its winners in the pictures below.

Category: Best in Prints
Winner: Ponds

Category: Beverage (Cold)
Winner: Pepsi

Category: Beverages (Hot)
Winner: Brooke-Bond

Category: Cosmetics & Beauty
Winner: LUX

Category: Restaurants
Winner: Espresso

Category: Textile, Fashion & Accessories
Winner: Service

Congratulations to all these brands and their respective media agencies for coming up with great quality of campaigns. Hope to see and even maaaaybe be a part of some in the future (this year and coming).

Did any of your favorite brands win the war? OR was there any other that you would have liked see winning?

*Press Release and Pictures Courtesy of Walnut Comm.
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